Monday, September 23, 2013

Red Phase coming to an end

As the Red Phase comes to a close with the Caldwell March, I’ve come to understand and integrate myself with the Corp of Cadets over this past month. I look back at what I have done, the mistakes I have made, the friendships I have made, and how my journey at Virginia Tech has been playing out so far. This new environment has taught me that not everything is as it seems, that everything I have learned should’ve been thrown out the window a long time ago, and that freshmen year can be a real torture chamber. As this progresses to White Phase, nothing will really change, but we will get some privileges such as hair privilege, backpack privilege, or maybe even headphone privilege. These privileges are something that civilians and upperclassmen cadets take for granted, while underclassmen cadets are stuck with almost nothing. As this year slowly gets better, the more responsibilities we have, and that means the more my buds and I have to look out for each other. This also means that things will get more relaxed and we will be able to do whatever we want without having someone constantly harping on us on how to do things and what to do at the current moment. The football games have been something else, I have never experienced anything like that until I came to Virginia Tech. Especially being in the Corp of Cadets crowd, and we do push on each other’s shoulders for peet’s sake! Have any of you tried to do push-ups in the pouring rain as hard as a typhoon, it really isn’t as fun as you would think. The classes are a lot different from High School just by the fact of the sheer amount of people in each classroom setting. The workload isn’t quite as bad as a freshmen, but the Corp helps us by making mandatory study times from seven to eleven at night. The only problem with this mandatory study time is that the Cadre will walk in at any random time and make us do something stupid or just distract us from our work. The easiest way to solve this is to go to the library, which is a lot safer and quieter than being around upperclassmen cadets. This has been your live reporter Knight getting these facts right from the source, see you all next week!


  1. Sounds like if you can make it past the Caldwell March, you've made it. I don't want to dash your dreams, but I don't think I've ever see a cadet wearing headphones. I may have just not been observant enough, but I hope you get them. I've always questioned those mandatory hours. I mean, what happens if you don't get done with your work or what happens if you get done in an hour? Stay fierce.

  2. Oh my gosh only 4 hours to do homework?! That is a good chunk of time, but personally I like to take breaks in between my studying. I can only focus for so long! I really respect what you're going through and I'm glad you're getting lessons from this! It is definitely interesting to hear you talk about the corps. Actually, I finalized my women in combat paper today and I looked up a lot of things about boot camp and such. Even though I was raised in a military family I learn something new every day! Keep your head up!

  3. Nice to hear your optimism as red phase come to a close. It only gets better from here and I'm sure you know that. I'm sure after going through this whole year with less freedoms like headphones and hair privilege you'll become exponentially more grateful of everything that you do have, which I'm sure you've already realized.