Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Dinner of Death

As we Dragged back into Brodie Hall, we lined up on the 5th deck as tight as sardines and got “chewed out” for things such as: Gazing (looking around), Not standing bolt straight as a 2X4 at attention, not having our shoes shined, not having a face that looks like you are spacing off and general other things that were all pointed out while getting yelled at by multiple people not but 2 feet away from your face. After what felt like eternity of standing at attention in the sweltering hot deck, because there is no air conditioning, we finally moved out to go to chow. For chow, we drag outside and form up outside of Brodie, and head out in formation lines to Turner Place. Once we reached our destination, we filed in one line at a time, and went through the process of thanking the “magical orb of sanitation”, asking for food, and then was told where to sit. The trick is, we couldn't sit until all our buds were at the table and the correct verbage was called out by one of our buds. An example is if I was to ask if we could sit down at the table, I would left or right face to see who the highest ranking officer is and shout at the top of my lungs “Cadet [Insert Rank] [Insert name], New Cadet Knight Deaven James, Training Company 1-2, Requests permission for my buds and I to come aboard!” The Highest ranking would then reply, “Eye, come aboard!” or “No you may not come aboard my ship, sound off!”

Once we boarded the ship (table), we were to sit 6 inches off the front of the chair and sit at attention while eating. We also couldn't look around and talk with our buds while eating, we had to have poker faces staring straight forward or else we were “gazing”, and on top of that, we only had ten minutes to eat everything we had off of our plates (that’s not a lot of time to eat). I couldn't tell you how many times I had to just shovel food in my mouth just for the sake of not starving till the next meal. Once that was over, we would stop eating, consolidate all our trays and food, no matter how much was left and dump it all in trash cans at the end of our tables. We then filed back to our seats and someone, say me, would ask “Cadet [Insert Rank] [Insert name], New Cadet Knight Deaven James, Training Company 1-2, Request permission for my buds and I to come ashore?!” The Ranking officer would reply with “Eye, get off my ship!” We would file out, form up and get ready to head back to Brodie. Stay tuned to find out what happens when we return to Brodie, the fun has only begun.


  1. Oh my gosh this is so intense!! So are you only allowed to eat at Turner's Place? When you get food do you use your Hokie passport? So many questions! Has it settled down at all since classes have started? I feel like it should but I'm clearly not in charge haha!

    1. Yeah, it was pretty intense for New Cadet Week. We can eat wherever now, but we solely ate at Turner's for New Cadet Week. We started using our Hokie passport to eat there starting that Thursday I believe. Its settled down a bit (by a bit, I mean not really) and all I can really say is that it can get pretty chaotic. If you have any questions about the Corps, don't be afraid to ask, you can email me or something, I might not be able to answer all of your questions, but I can sure try my best!

    2. You're a tank! I would get sick and tired of Turner after a few weeks, but good for you. I guess all the yelling and asking permission is to get you ready for the real world. I'm pulling for you to make it through, and I'm sure you can do it. Can't wait to see what next week holds. Good luck on your editorials due these next few weeks.

  2. Dang dude, that's some really intense stuff. I personally can't imagine myself having the discipline to follow so many rules and regulations all at once. But like Adam said, I'm pulling for you to make it through all the first year problems that come with being a cadet. I know a couple now Sophomore cadets and they are much more satisfied this year as opposed to last year. Remember that the end justifies the means, I'm sure you'll be fine.