Monday, November 4, 2013

Bigger or Better Pass

I have a very exciting story to tell you guys this week. Well, we went on Unity Pass on Saturday and played a game called Bigger or Better. We started off this game with a paperclip and the point of the game is to work your way up to bigger or better things by negotiating. We had no clue how others did it, but some other companies worked their way up to getting a car. We knew that wasn’t going to happen to us, but we started off by making out way to Slusher tower where I met Grandpa Pearcy! He was out on RA duty and he seemed to be intrigued by what we were doing, so being the good RA he is, he told me to tell the others not to make too much of a mess or a racket. We walked all twelve flights of steps and worked our way down, and hit up all five floors of Slusher Wing all within a time limit of forty-five minutes. All in all, we came out with Frisbees, a flat football, a hat, and a traffic cone.
            Our next objective was to hit Pritchard Hall, we went through all the floors looking for someone drunk enough to give us something good. Well, the lesson here is that if you’re looking for someone drunk at eight at night, let’s just say that it’s not going to happen. We did leave the hall with a dress, a bra, a box fan, a lamp, a broken Xbox, and NFS: Hot Pursuit. We finally had to leave and go back to the dorms by nine, and while walking back, we conveniently ran into Cadet Captain Harton. We showed him what we had received and asked for more time, basically we went back online and were told we had till eleven to get something good, or else our pass this weekend would be terrible.
            We got out of the dorms and decided to head straight for Fraternity and Sorority houses where there are bound to be drunks willing to give up something good. We hit up the first sorority house and were told to go straight to The Chase. We took that advice to heart and headed straight there were we came out with a pack of cigarettes, a nice lamp, a rockband guitar, and a box T.V. The morale of the story is that cadets apparently look like cops, because that’s what all of the houses thought we were when we showed up at the doors knocking them down asking for random donations.
            By this time, we were all getting extremely tired and were running out of fraternity houses to run into with drunk people at ten-thirty at night. As we were walking back, we heard pounding and thumping coming from a house, and decided that we should go hit it up. This house was packed with people dressed up in costumes with nothing but beer almost literally flowing out of the house. We nicely asked someone near the door that wasn’t too drunk to get the owner of the house. After a few minutes, he came out and asked what we needed, so we told him the story we told about a million times that night. He said “let me see what I have” and came back saying that he could give us a beer keg… We were all thinking that this could either be a good or a bad thing, so we decided to take the keg. Before we got the chance to say thank you and leave, he said there was something else he would be willing to give up.
            We asked him what that might’ve been and we followed him into another fraternity house full of drunken, green painted body armymen. We went into the attic and he showed us a foosball table… Holy crap, he was going to give us this thing, our pass is going to be great. We were trying to hurry to take it out of the house and when we were halfway to the door, the owner said to “hurry up before someone changes their mind.” We finally got it out the door and basically ran off with this table.
            On our way back, people kept giving us the weirdest looks as it took half of our group to carry this from Roanoke Street back to Brodie Hall. We opened up the side door and the expression that Cadet Captain Harton was something we had never seen before, he overflowed with happiness. He couldn’t believe we went out and actually got this, he took a few double takes just to make sure it was real, actually, all of the upperclassmen did. We got it upstairs, told the upperclassmen the whole story and their mouths were just dropped on the floor.

            Long story short, we are going to have an amazing pass next weekend, and hopefully we will get to wear civilian clothes! Till then, I hope you guys have an awesome week.


  1. Holy crap!!! Wait what happened to the keg? Party in Brodie? Oh gosh, I'll keep that on the down low haha! But seriously, that is insane that you ended up with a foosball table! Question: what is this "pass" you keep referring to? Is it like you get rewarded for bringing back all this cool stuff? Also, where does all of this stuff you bring back end up, like what do you do with it? If you don't have room for something let me know and I'm sure I can take it off your hands!

  2. How did you get the keg past the Cadet Captain? Or did you just forget about the keg and focus on the Foosball table? That sounds like so much fun though. I mean to be able to start off with something so little and work your way up is awesome and a small reflection of an American success story.

  3. Hahaha this is awesome! So based on your pass do you gain certain privileges? Because that's sort of what it sounded like. Anyways, that's awesome that you got such large and costly items for such little things. I'm actually shocked that one of the fraternities gave up a keg, which if I remember correctly you said still had beer in it. Great story though, I'm sure you can make a great trade for that fooseball table.